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Two important suggestions for Fiverr


(For those who read and agree to this please ‘Like’ it so that Fiverr notices and takes action)

Dear Fiverr,

Please add these features in your website:


Please give the option to turn on https:// browsing --in ‘Settings’. Help secure our activity.

2)–Feature to edit links of gigs:

Once we make a gig and save it, there is no way to edit the link associated with the gig. e.g.

If I made a gig for “5 photo edits”, and then I want to edit it to “4 photo edits”, the gig’s URL still has “5 photo edits”.

(A similar feature is available in WordPress). It helps improve the search results for our gigs.



I, too, would prefer a secure website. I don’t dare to type in my password when not at home…

I imagine that they are first ironing out the bugs before upgrading to a secure connection.




Make sense, thanks for rising it Fahad…


Those suggestions sound like valuable ones to me as well.


+1 Still have no idea why they aren’t using HTTPS


Its currently in use.


I support your suggestions. Much needed.