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Two internet connection on same device

I have two different internet connection and two computer and two fiverr seller account but i have only one device to run both internet connection. can i use internet connection one by one on same device like my mobile.

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It doesn’t matter as long as you have only one fiverr account

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please can you read my question again? and give me suggestion.

You can’t have two fiverr seller accounts. You will get banned.

Why would I need to read it again?

I already gave you a suggestion that you should read again. You can not have 2 accounts and you wouldn’t be in any trouble as long as you have only one account.
Or do we need to repeat it again?
Read fiverr TOS if you don’t want to listen me and @visualstudios


If you’re talking about a team, that you guys have the same internet connection that’s totally fine but if you yourself is using two accounts then your accounts can be banned without any warning and won’t be restored.

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if one account is myself and second account of my brother. that ok or not for two connection on same device one by one.

That is fine, because the withdraw account will be different for both of you and you both are offering different skills.

You can also check the fiverr terms and condition for more info.