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Two Major Aspects Of A Professional Logo Design

The name of your company
A powerful logo will tell the whole story with an image. While some BIG brands may have the luxury of using a brandmark style logo, it is not recommended to use it if you are not yet the owner of a globally recognized brand.

Unless your brand is well known (or have an endless marketing budget), the name of your brand is key when identifying it, and must be included in the design of your logo in order to start building connections with your audience. .

Although we are in favor of including the name of your company in your logo, we strongly recommend not including additional text that may complicate the reading of your logo when it needs to be resized.

The slogans and addresses of the company or contact information are some of the features that should not be in your logo. There are some situations in which this information is appropriate as a separate element, but the design of your logo should be clear, simple, and should highlight among the unnecessary text.

A range of relevant color
Color says a lot about your brand. In fact, studies show that color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. The human mind is programmed to respond to color. Since color has the ability to impact behavior and emotions, the choice of color must be significantly influenced by the preferences of your target audience. By understanding a little about the psychology of color, and how to choose the right colors for your logo, you can highlight some of the key features of your brand and connect with consumers.

An effective logo must have a design that conveys the personality of the brand, a style choice consistent with your identity, the name of your brand and a relevant choice of color. Taking the necessary time and choosing the right strategy to make these decisions, will be worth it in the long term, since it will make your brand is identified by the right people, and will create a lasting impression.

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