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Two Messaging Systems?

I recently had trouble communicating with a seller because there are apparently two separate platforms for communicating. I think one is the inbox and the other is the gig thread. He missed a few of my messages and an important attachment because he didn’t look in the right place. Going over it, it’s quite confusing as we have two separate threads going. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I think Fiverr should find a way to consolidate all communications between buyer and seller into one place. Otherwise it’s very easy to miss messages.

Here, here. Believe me, as a seller, it is very aggravating to have two separate places a buyer can (and will) leave you a message after they’ve already ordered. It would be ideal if Fiverr could consolidate the message threads once a buyer places an order, so that any discussion/instructions/updates are all in one place.

Well, I always teach my buyers to use only order thread to communicate with me about the order, while inbox is left for all the other requests.

Reply to @mark74: I’ve asked buyers to do that, but about 25% of the time, they can’t figure out the difference between the two threads, even if I post on the order page “Please put instructions here,” they somehow find their way back to the PM thread and post the instructions there. Personally, I think it would be great to have a feature that allowed me to see all of the communications with a buyer at once.