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Two months and my account is completely down

I got promoted to level two in September and since then all my gigs are drastically down. Before that, buyers were reaching out to me every day but since then I haven’t had a single buyer contact me. Only orders I’ve gotten are from old clients or buyer requests. I had 4 active gigs and, after this, created 3 more but still my profile is down. Don’t have any issues with reviews either and I’m not getting the option to promote my gigs. My gigs don’t even appear in search results. Considering shutting down my account because this dependence on Fiverr’s algorithm is so frustrating and Fiverr support isn’t very helpful either.


Hi, sorry to hear that. Even my gigs impression is fluctuating like anything. :frowning: despite bring active in this platform, I am facing the same issue.

Working on Fiverr seems like a time waste now unfortunately. Don’t know what to do.

Don’t give up😢. I have the same problem. Please any one give us suggestions to improve gig🙂

Read out forum posts for Tips&Tricks and it might be helpful for you. :slight_smile:
Best of luck!

Same here with my Gig. My impression and click rate are decreasing day by day. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

I’ve seen other people mention that as well, that they received more orders at level 1, and they stopped coming right after leveling up. Perhaps a new strat to get more orders? Perform poorly so that you lose a level :clap:

Although at least at some point there was an invisible order limit on level 1 accounts. I believe it was like 10 orders, before your gig gets hidden from search results. But if you deliver everything quickly, then that limit shouldn’t matter that much.