Two months on fiverr => level 2 seller BOOOOM! Tips for new Sellers


hello fiverr sellers, i have two months on fiverr and today i did it, yes, i did it, I am level two seller :slight_smile:

how i did it ? it’s very easy just follow these simple steps.

first 10 days i think i didnt got any order, why ? i was just waiting for the buyers -_- but it was a mistake.

after that my friend told me about " Buyer Requests " page so i used it to find my first orders.

in the " Buyer Requests " page i found that some sellers give to the buyer a really bad offers, how ? for ex : the buyer asks for a fitness logo. the sellers give hime the same message without any special thing so they sent to him this boring msg : i will design a fitness logo for 5$. please tell me what’s the special in this ? if the buyer wants something like this he will orders from the existing gigs on fiverr, so please please, be unique, be special.

after this step i got some orders and always i try to talk to the customer as if we were friends, you know sometimes the customer asks me about my personal life, my country, you see i make the relationship between me and him more friendly, so he comebacks to me again :slight_smile:

when i deliver the work i always ask him if he wants a modification until his satisfaction. ( if you took a look on my profile you will find that the majority of the customers love the way i talk to them )

so i think that’s all i did to rank to lvl 2 in less in two months !! if you have any questions you can ask me in the comment section i’ll do my best to help you :slight_smile:

best regards,

Yassine Bertali

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Well done Yassine, you have the right attitude and will do well. I have a question though:

How do you know that in the Buyer Requests ¨some sellers give to the buyer a really bad offers¨?


nice question, i am a seller and buyer :slight_smile: one day i put a request there and i really shocked from the offers i got.


Well done, great achievement!
I learned exactly the same way. When I used to put a request in I got such awful offers that I could not believe it. Now I spend a lot of time deciding what to write in the offers I make and it makes a huge difference.


Good Job, keep it up but be very careful.


thank you !!


Please can you suggest me ways I can boost the number of orders I get?


Hi, yassinegraphics i’m also a level two seller and i would like to say the patient and Hard work is most important for any seller, try to Happy your buyer and improve your talking way:)
Best Of Luck to all seller:)))))!!!


I’ve been a Seller here at Fiverr for 1 year now, and I quite disagree with the “friendly close relationships” attitude. In my experience, it’s way more successful to keep the relationship as professional as possible. What do I mean by that? You know when you use the call-center of a really big company/corporation, with the dial menu, etc. The way the call people communicate with you is the way I communicate with my buyers. Highly professional, always reply within 10 minutes, have signature containing my regards message + my timezone, etc.

You are still new and green here at Fiverr :), but soon you’ll realise that keeping things personal is not good for you, as people start (on a psychological level) to treat you as a “friend”. And once they do - they usually start to ask for favours, instead of paying for their service. This is what will drag you down, if you do keep discussions on a super close / personal level.

Best Regards,
Denis Saidov


I have a new account after fiverr decided to block my former level 1 (almost in level 2) account based on a flimsy report they claimed to have gotten. They blocked the account without contacting me or warning me.
Very unfair
Now its 10days and my new account still has no sales. Its frustrating


Great Job man…Keep it up!


It’s been 24 days since I joined fiverr and on my way to level 1 (very very soon) I hope to be just like you. Keep up the great work!


woww that’s great.


Well done. I think there are more good positive stories on here than negative. I think most people who consider why they are here, offer a good service, consider their buyers, stay professional, and deliver on their promises - those people will do well.

If you don’t do those things, I can’t see how you will succeed. Unless you’re just another seller in a crowded market - what’s your USP?


I SLIGHTLY disagree, … you can keep a friendly attitude, and a personal kind of outlook to clients, WHILE maintaining your professional standards. It’s the way I work for the most part. I’m friendly to folks… and if they try and step out of bounds, you just have to be firm.

I think of it as a little status bar in my head.
Left = Friendly ------ Right = Professional

If they start stepping out of bounds, or I can plainly see they are trying to take advantage of me… they get the professional side more than the friendly REAL me… but it’s all their choice. :wink:


I have a question to ask…if we are more friendly with our customers, does it look like our unprofessional way of talking…because in some posts successors are saying to talk professionally and to the point rather than to become friendly…so what to do now??


Excellent Tip for new sellers, here on Fiverr.Thanks for sharing this fast but comprehensive introduction on 'how to get your fist order".Nice job!


I think, the best method will be to speak fluid, on an average business language, not too difficult to understand and, not to easy (dump). I usually practice with different models of business or cover letters.Take a look at some examples on Google.Don’t hesitate and sometimes, start a closer conversation with the buyer.
That’s all !


Congrats!! Can i ask you a Question. Do you use Stock footage for the covers? If yes then do you Buy it or they are from google?


Congratulations! That is amazing. Keep up the great work!