Two Months Today!


Well, today marks exactly two months since I joined Fiverr! Today is also the day that I’ve been given Level 2! I’ve now received 67 orders (which I honestly never thought I’d reach)!

It’s been a brilliant time so far and a great way to earn a quick bit of money on the side. Those $4 plus extras really add up!

My biggest tip to new sellers is to COMMUNICATE! Always message the buyer to let them know you’ve received the order and be willing to take on their comments about what you’ve made. Good customer service is worth just as much (if not more than) a quality product first time.

If you’ve just started - keep going - you’ll get there!


That’s great! Congratulations! I reached level two four days ago after being active for two months like yourself! Isn’t it so cool when you level up as soon as it’s possible to do so? Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


I’m almost level 1