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Two negative feedback from the same buyer for no reason :(


Buyer ordered my GIG two times and asked me to fix his website and provided me incorrect admin login info, then i asked him to provide me FTP info but he disappeared.

4 days passed and “Order was ridiculously late.” saying: Your buyer can now cancel the order.

Then i was afraid and i delivered the order to stop the clock and i informed him that i delivered this just to prevent the cancellation please provide me FTP info so, we could continue.

Then unfortunately he came back after 21 days and simply left with negative feedback on both orders. never responded to me at all.

I have even contacted Fiverr support but they say only buyer can remove the feedback so, i have requested mutual cancellation now but buyer is still not responding. and support says “buyer’s unresponsiveness is not a reason to remove a feedback.” What should i do now? :frowning: that feedback is gonna ruin my 100% rating.

I am disappointed that even fiverr support thinks buyer is right and i am wrong :frowning:


Well in my opinion, you should have never DELIVERED the order. “Order was ridiculously late” means nothing if buyer don’t respond.

At that time you could have gone for mutual cancellation.

Now if you have delivered the work, thats totally upon the buyer to rate you positive, negative or ask for modifications.

“CLOCK TICKING” never matters if the order is not LATE due to seller’s issue.

Sorry for you but still Good Luck.

actually, u are not support to mark the gig complete without delivering anything or without buyer’s permission to do that, this will get your account suspended. i think one of the fiverr support told me that. Best is to choose mutual cancellation since he/she cant provide needed info.

You guys are right. I shouldn’t have delivered the order to stop the clock.

Luckily buyer has responded and i have managed to remove feedback.

Now i am back to 100% :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!