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Two of the same gigs, from two different people, one didn't deliver... both claimed delivery


I paid $25.00 for each of two gigs. Both were supposed to deliver 20,000 subscribers. (Total of 40,000) I received a total of 26,000 new subscribers, and BOTH gigs claimed delivery…

Is there any way what so ever to verify which person did/didn’t deliver? Or to dispute it? I’m short 14,000 subs and I’m out $50.00 as a result currently.

Any tips?


Exactly. Never order two at once as @arnevb wrote.

I’m not sure what your ordered for, Facebook or whatnot. But if I ever have a dispute I either have all my likes removed, and then re-added so the buyer can see them, or get everyone to like 1 post. So ya, one post would have a bunch of likes as proof, then the buyer can delete that post. I also don’t use bots so that probably helps. I don’t know if a Facebook seller using bots can remove or like 1 post.

But, if all else fails then reject both orders and let the sellers squirm a little. It’s not fair to the seller who actually delivered, but I’m sure that both will add more for fear of negative feedback.

I don’t know. Another drawback of bots. LOL

Oh, and technically, you’re only out 25 bucks since you got half the order… one way or the other. Still, 25 bucks is 25 bucks.


I hate to say this but a lot of times when some people claim that they can give you thousands upon thousands of likes or followers, most of them are fake accounts.


Well I mean that the so called subscribers/likes are the fake accounts. They are dummy accounts set up for people to believe that they are real.


@lorena72 - Thanks for posting what I posted right above you. LOL

But you are right. About 95% of the time.

You need to ask yourself…

IF you are on Facebook and have a page, how many of your friends liked the page?

How long did it take them to like it?

The answer is usually not that many, over a long period of time.

So, when someone says they can add 20,000 likes or followers in a really short amount of time you have to ask how they do it? And then you’ll usually answer that they can’t. Unless they’re celebrities or something.

Page building is a very slow process. But well worth it.

I sell Facebook Likes. But I can only provide a little over 50. And it’s taken me years and years to get a stable network to do it. I’m always trying to expand but it takes a very long time.

That’s years of team building to get a crumby 50 stable Likers. So knowing that, I also know that getting thousands and thousands of Likes delivered in 12 hours is damn near impossible. LOL

But, that said, fake likes are still good for a lot of things. But they have a tendancy to disappear because Facebook closes the fake accounts. That’s one thing I like about not using bots. You can’t do as many but the ones you can do are good and stay. :wink:


Reply to @bigbadbilly: This guy speaks the truth.