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Two or more accounts


Hi guys are there any payment issues when you have two accounts on fiverr NOT two or more gigs under the same account but two separate names and accounts but the same payoneer or bank account for payment? please help thanks.




No issues bro, they will just close and ban all your accounts!
Check Terms of Use!



Exactly. That’s the PERFECT image response. Well done! :smiley:


Hello Sir, keep mind fiverr allow only one account if you use two or more accout fiverr can block your all account which is not good for you


For your own good you really need to read the Terms of Service.

We all read these. Fiverr is very strict about the rules. This is the most basic rule of all. You can’t have more than one account. Fiverr bans accounts every day.


Thank you guys for your great and humorous replies, I love Ernie! :slight_smile: I wish you all a great day


so simple, fiverr will permanently blocks all the accounts.


I’m very very very new on fiverr but as i read fiverr TOS this is against their rulls so i would not want to take a chance :smiley: