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Two or more than two fiverr accounts on same IP

How can two or more family members or friends use their individual fiverr accounts at same internet connection (IP address), because it is heard that only one fiverr account is allowed on any IP address if otherwise accounts get blocked. Is it?


i didn’t hear yet any fiverr account has been disabled for using same protocol number. In our local area, many sellers are using shared I.P. and they are working for a long time in fiverr.
you can write to fiverr CS about your issue !


If you type “two or more accounts” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much asked question recently.


Yes sir.thats right.

Yes you are right ! i had a level 2 seller account on fiverr its is pretty old with a 4.9 rating and many customer reviews

I lost my laptop and forgot the password later i tried generating it again and i got it but fiverr says account is disabled for violting terms and condition but they dont mention any proper reason for it

I even made them understood what actually happend but i never got my account back !
Then i made a new account from the same ip which is the current one i am posting this

So what do you guys say is it fair ?