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Two orders automatically got canceled after 3 weeks of delivery.. how?

Two orders ($150) from same buyer, got canceled after 3 weeks of delivery. One of them was delivered on June 28, 2020 and other on July 01, 2020 and both got canceled on JULY 25, 2020 even buyer accepted the delivery and rated 5 stars for both of the orders. I tried reaching out to buyer to ask what happened but seems he blocked me after seeing my message. Fiverr support isn’t helping either… received no reply in past two days. Before I tried to contact support regarding other order issue and received automated reply after 10 days saying please check if the issue solved or not, if not please submit a new ticket, this happened twice, after that I completely lost my faith in Fiverr Support. Let’s see if I receive any reply for this one.


Maybe they did a paypal chargeback.
Did you reply to the same ticket as it was marked as solved?
If you reply that the problem hasn’t solved yet, the ticket is again marked as open and you get a reply in 1 or 2 days


I was thinking the same.

That ticket was for other order issue, but yes I replied and nothing solved for that one.

That is Chargeback by client…fiverr has no control over this !
recently I faced similar situation and I contacted CS…CS couldn’t grab money back from buyer but they compensate me exact amount that I lost !

Try reopening tickets, Add both order number and your delivery as a ZIP and Buyer requirement Screen shot and they may compensate you in this case !


Will do that. Thank you.