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Two orders of the same client cancelled after 20+ days and 5-star rating. WHY?

Guys, I am weformat

UPDATE: FIVERR SAYS WE CANNOT GET MONEY BACK - Where are the policies to protect Buyer???

Today, I have a really bad experience of losing $55. There was a client who sent me two orders almost 29 days back. I had completed the job. and she gave me the 5-star review - read below.

> HIGHLY recommend Deepak. He is one of the most professional people on Fiverr. His communication is excellent, his delivery time is very fast and he actually seems to care about helping his customers. He is very skilled at his craft. I will be working with him in the future again, for sure.

BUT today,

I got messages that two orders are cancelled - same buyer. And, when I looked at her profile to contact her, she blocked me already.

How Fiverr can allow them to cancel an order or cancel any order after so many days and even when it was completed by the buyer with a great rating.

This is really a shock because I do get large orders amounting $150 to $500 as well. This was $55 but if Fiverr has such policy to refund due to whatever reason, this is really bad for we sellers.

Is there a way to get these funds back?

I have written an email to fiverr but want to seek expert advice here too.



This most likely was a chargeback through the payment method your buyer used to order. If she used Paypal for example, she can request a chargeback through them from fiverr and then Fiverr cancels the order. I would contact customer support. Show them a screenshot of the review she wrote and maybe fiverr will refund the money to you, otherwise you will have to pay it back to Fiverr.
Keep in mind, if it wasn’t a chargeback, then Fiverr reserves the right to cancel an order up to 1 month after it was completed. If you for example violated the terms of service, this might be the reason.


Does cancellation says
“The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance”
If Yes, Its a charge back from buyer…

Fiverr don’t allow them to cancel, but in fact fiverr don’t have a control over it.

Write to CS and they may compensate you same amount !

They had given me great review and when I contacted her first when the order was cancelled, she said, her card was stolen etc. I hope this is just an excuse

I had written to CS and let us see

Probably a chargeback yes. Very unfortunate. Very rarely Fiverr compensates, but this is not common at all.

I’ve had an experience like this, sadly. Buyer apologised and contacted Fiverr helpdesk. I contacted CS. But there was nothing they could do in terms of getting my money back. They rectified my “order completion rate” though by removing the cancellation effect. I hope you get your money back, but there’s no guarantee.

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jumeproductions This is really not good, my friend. We work hard and these people play clever and take away the funds. If fiverr will not compensate, i am surely gonna curse that seller for cheating me because if it was a technical issue, as she said, she could have sent me another order but she blocked me which means she had a thief in her heart and she did this willfully. I must want God to let her book down and do not even sell a single copy and let her pay for this cheating 1000x times.

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vicvera450 This buyer apologied when the first order of $15 was cancelled and said that she will contact fiverr to get my funds back but now when the other one got cancelled, I am sure, she had done this willfully and with a planning. Maybe she had done the same with other sellers too because it was a book gig which includes a minimum 4-5 different types of sellers - like writer, editor, cover designer, book formatting expert (me) and marketing guys. If she did this willfully, she had cheated 5 sellers at least. I wanted to put her account name but this forum does not allow me so guys be careful

A better sytem and policies need to be in place to protect the buyer. Clearly a bad actor took advanatge of the way things are currently structured. If a buyer gets to the point of accepting a delivery it should be a done deal as far as your payment and if the buyer disputes it, Fiverr has it on record that the goods/services were delivered and accepted by the buyer, and a positive review just reinforces this.


I think buyer filed a charge-back with the payment processor and that is why your orders got cancelled.

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You are right. But bad people are everywhere

@nafishasan why did they chargeback when they had placed a positive review

@weformat Few years ago I faced similar situation. I lost $700+ in cleared funds. That cancellation was from a regular buyer who rated all my work 5 stars. I was devastated after that particular incident. I do understand your situation.

Scammers trying to pretend as real buyer.

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up to 1 month, i feel unsecure now

Please see:

Also, about the buyer blocking you, is the account still there if you try to look at their page? If the account is gone, they might have closed their account or they may have been banned.

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imagination7413 I have read the article but I have also mentioned here that I got 5-star review from the buyer but still the CS of Fiverr says they cannot do anything and closed the ticket

This can take time to process, pestering CS won’t help. There are reports of it taking upwards of a month to be compensated. You could request that they escalate the matter, but you might have to accept that the funds are lost.

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That’s the issue imagination7413 my friend, the money is lost. Where is buyer protection because I understand that if client did not like work they can ask for refund but after loving the work, sharing awesome feedback, there must not be any chargeback allowed that too after 29 days.

Was not the buyer have knowledge that her card was stolen and and is being used by someone else when you get SMS of every transaction in your phone and an email too. It clearly shows that she is a cheat with a cute pic - who knows if that pic was real too or not. It really hurts.

In that case I hope your buyer had given you another order in order to return your money.