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Two orders of the same client cancelled after 20+ days and 5-star rating. WHY?

Absolutely true :+1:. Fiverr should do something like this. Or at least make an agreement :writing_hand:with the payment companies who give the chargeback facility.

Don’t be… not all buyers would follow in the pathway like the example above

I’ve faced similar experience before in times past and I got compensated for it. At first, I didn’t know this was the case but i got the compensation from fiverr.

Check here:

Here is what is written on this link

In cases where the service was completely provided to the buyer’s satisfaction , our Trust & Safety team will review and help resolve the issue in your favor.
Please keep in mind, we can’t guarantee a resolution in your favor. If the chargeback was resolved in your favor, the funds will be returned to your account and it will not affect your cancellation rate.
Seller Protection - Fraud Chargebacks
Fiverr Has Your Back!

In cases where the service was completely provided , Fiverr will protect you from fraud chargebacks. The funds will be added back to your account, and after seven days, you will be able to withdraw the funds. Most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate.
The order is subject to a review by our Trust and Safety team

Also, I’ve gone to your profile and found the review. The user is not existing though. Fiverr has either blocked her or she suspended her account.

quickbooks_xero vicversa450 was lucky to get an honest buyer

quickbooks_xero And PayPal itself is not genuine because 1.their service charges are high 2. when you transfer payment they cheat you in name of forex transaction charges when you compare the same with payoneer or any other such sites. Recently, I compared and found that PayPal is making me loss minimum 5000 to 10000 INR in comparison to Payoneer.

So, when they are cheat themselves then how do they allow others to be honest

See this stefanyoshovski screenshot of their review.

My friend, I have 2300+ 5-star reviews and more than 3000 people have not rated at all so may be it was hard to find this review as I had not mentioned the client name.

Yes, that’s the one I found. The feedback never gets deleted. I meant that when you search for the user, nothing shows up, because her profile is gone.

stefanyoshovski but what’s the logic to delete their profile or suspend as they will come back with a new name - that’s so simple from them.

Almost a month back, I received a request from a buyer asking me to create 3000 book covers at half a dollar per cover. I rejected and she started abusing me. When I reported his profile, he abused me further and when I raised a concern in CS, they suspended his account and then the same buyer came with another account with further abusive comments.

Woaw, I am surprised at how much time to lose some people have… Fortunately I’ve had great experiences with most of my buyers but still there will be that one person who will stress your day. Good luck for your future work!