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Two persons using one account

I am a UI/UX designer and I have a friend that works as a developer, and we usually work as a team in projects ( one for the front-end and the other for the back-end ), is it okay if we use the same account to work together and discuss with clients? or we have to open separated accounts? because usually we work with 1 client and every one talk with him about his part of work,


It’s going to be confusing for clients never knowing which one they are talking to. If you two want to work together that’s not a problem but only one should interact with clients.

If it really is necessary for both of you to talk to clients you could ask customer support for permission to talk off of fiverr in a group session.


Right it will be good to ask customer support for permission.

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Can you provide me Customer support link ?

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Here is the link:

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Only one of you should interact with the buyer. Otherwise it’ll be bit confusing for the client.

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