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Two Places, Two Internet Connections! Problem?


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I use my Fiverr ID in two places. My shop & my house. Shop & house has different IP address with computer.
When I stay at my shop I use my shop IP address.
Also use house IP address when I stay at home.

So, One Fiverr ID but two internet connection in two PC/computer!
Is this a problem? Can I use my Fiverr ID in this way?
Thanks in advance.:slightly_smiling_face:


Shouldn’t be a problem. I use one account from many different places, hotels, cell phone wifi, public wifi, out of state.

Just don’t use multiple accounts.


One Fiverr ID but two internet connections with two different computers is no problem.


Yes, It’s not a problem. I use my account from different places
Don’t use VPN or sim service that uses proxy.


I use my laptop in different places sometimes and it’s not a problem.


Thanks guys for helpful comments.:slight_smile:
@landongrace, @rankinfinite, @sherkhanshani, @misscrystal.
You guys are so helpful.:slight_smile: