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Two questions about fiverr finance

  1. I have finished the order and buyer marked it down as completed. System told me that i’ve earned 5$, but Revenues page tells me that “Funds Pending Clearance”. Why is that?

  2. I ordered the Payoneer card that will arrive in 1 month. Only after that I will be able to connect the card to Fiverr. Will money disappear by then because I didn’t withdraw them?

  1. The funds take 14 days to clear and after that will be available for withdrawal.
2. No it will stay there for ever until you withdraw them. Even if your account get ban due to some reason, Fiverr will give back your money to you until and unless there is not a charge back by the buyer due to some reason.


I suggest you read the FAQs, the academy, and the Terms of Service. You’re going to get into trouble if you don’t know some of this stuff.



  1. You can not get funds instantly when you completed a order. you will need to wait 14 more days if you are New, Level 1 or Level 2 seller. ( 7 days for top rated sellers) . so after 14 days funds will clear. The minimum withdrawal with the Fiverr Revenue Card is $5.
    (and just mentioning this you are not earned $5 actual amount is $4 - 20% Fiverr charge for each order amount. I hope you know this already.)

For more info…

  1. First you need to active your Card. ( you will have instruction once it arrive ) and don’t worry about funds. it will be in your account and it will not disappear.

also this is just my opinion , you don’t have to Withdraw each $5 you completing. you can wait and Withdraw handful amount onetime. then you can reduce the Withdrawal fees. I’m always waiting for $500-$700 clearing and making the Withdrawal…

Thank You