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Two questions for experienced sellers


1-If i delete a gig that already had completed orders, will the orders also be deleted from my delivered list?

2-What is the best filesharing service to use for files over 100mb?

Thanks in advanced guys!

  1. No - I deleted a gig and the orders were still there.

  2. Google Drive



I just tried google drive, very good indeed.


Wait, there’s a language problem here.

When you say a “Deleted gig” I suggest to you there is no such thing.

Just like there is no “Deleted” message in your message. Heck even with Fiverr makes a message unreadable, it’s still "there"

You can suspend a gig.

You can HAVE a gig deleted for violation of TOS by FIVERR, but I know of no way to delete our own gigs.


Reply to @anarchofighter: we can delete our gigs, when we go to my gigs, there is an option to edit the gig at right side of each gig, Hit it, the 3rd option “Delete” :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: oops, Bad Luck


Oh thanks, I fully stand corrected.

madmoo said: All feedback and all record of it and no way to retrieve it.

Oh Nooooos