Two requests of mine were unapproved unfairly


Two requests of mine were unapproved and neither are misleading or self-promoting. Were they reviewed by actual people or by a program?


Are you referring to requests in the “buyer requests” page?

Also, we cannot know or give any assumptions as to why they’ve been unapproved if we don’t know what those requests were in the first place.


Fair enough. Here are the buyers requests I made


I also had a similar experience a few months back when I posted, an actual request for some work I needed done with clear specifications and it was unapproved.

While on the other hand blatant ads and posts that didn’t actually make sense made it through so your guess about how approval for buyers requests works is as good as mine.


I only see one image of the two buyer requests you’ve made. But maybe try rewording them.
Maybe change “I want to make an animatic” to asking for someone else to make the animatic.
The text “my gigs” - it might be that an automated process could flag something like that as a seller promoting their gigs (or maybe it would increase the probability of it being rejected for likely being seller promotion). I’m not sure it needs to be mentioned in the request itself.

Try something like “I would like an animatic created [include most of the rest of the info here]… (don’t mention “my gigs”)…”.


I see what you mean. I did something similar, and it worked. :slight_smile:


Uhg that’s annoying. You’re right i see those all the time too