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Two save buttons when editing


Hello,I need to know this.
Why there has a two Save buttons when editing a fiverr gig.You can see one of green save button at the bottom and other one as a tab.


Don’t know why. There is Save and then Save and Preview. I always use both!


There must be different as I think.Lets see …


Sometimes people come on the forum and say they used Save and it didn’t work. So I use both and it has always worked!


I see Save, Save and Save and preview buttons :thinking: Maybe if you can’t find one of them, then you should be able to find one of the other two. :roll_eyes:


I can see all of them.please understand my problem.I need to know,Is there any different between that buttons ?Becoz my my gig is disappear in search result.


I think they all do the same thing, except one redirects you to your gig afterwards.

Gigs do sometimes disappear after editing them, but not always. But they do re-appear within 48 hours. Sometimes in a completely different position. No one knows why and how to prevent it. But if you keep editing your gig daily and especially changing the pictures or video, then there should be a higher chance of getting it indexed properly again.

And if it takes too long, then support can usually help you.


After the editing(25 march) ,It was displayed in search results(25 march).After that today it is disappeared .


Can you still find it if you search for it’s title?


Its not in search result.Also I can’t add all my title to the fiverr seach bar and serach,I think it is long


You wouldn’t have to search for the whole title. Just part of it. But if it’s super long, maybe it’s too spammy for Fiverr to like it.

If you still can’t find it, wait 48 hours from since editing it, and try again. Then contact support if it’s still not appearing anywhere.