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Two seller reviews option in one order? BUG? 🐛


Is that something you saw before? The second review wasn’t working, you can’t click or write on it.


Yes it can be a bug :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You might need to click on the stars first before you can write a review.


I found it yesterday… Just clear your browser cache and it will fix.


It’s been happening to me as well for almost a week. I know it’s a bug, but it never affected me so far so I just ignored it, as opposed to the other 0-star bug!


So insect is experiencing a bug :smiley:


Lol, how did you found that coincidence…

Insects44 logo%20fiverr%20insects44%20copy and a BUG :bug:

:rofl: :laughing: :grin: :smile: :smiley:


found one today. surely a bug :slight_smile:


What did you found? A PC bug, or a nature bug?


a fiverr bug :stuck_out_tongue: