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Two suggestions - what do you guys think?


Here are a couple suggestions from me:

  1. The portfolio section should have an option for attaching files. Not everything I create as a writer can be found on a link - i.e. some people want to see an example of an e-mail I wrote. I’d really like it if I can input different projects in my Portfolio section and when clients want samples, just send them a link to it and have them browse through whatever they like.

  2. Maybe there could be an option where you set your delivery time in work days? I know many sellers don’t mind working on weekends, but for me it’s kind of becoming a non-stop thing. And I don’t know about you, but if I write every day I kind’a burn out and run out of good ideas. It affects the quality of what I deliver. At the same time I don’t want to hit vacation mode, I want new orders, I just need like a day or two off. So maybe if you can set delivery time in working days and a person orders a two-day delivery on Friday, Fiverr would show that it’s supposed to be delivered Monday or Tuesday.

What do you guys think? Am I totally off? Is it just me that would appreciate these features?



On your first point, you are allowed to attach a pdf to your gigs so you can add some portfolio examples there.

On your second point, you could add 2 days to all the delivery times on your gigs to cover weekends. Or you could just go through and edit them all on Friday (or Thursday?) to allow for weekends, then edit them back again on Monday (Sunday?) if you don’t want to leave them at a longer delivery time during the week.

Although the idea of setting working days is appealing I’m not sure that Fiverr’s timezone engine could cope. I mean I’m in NZ. If I put that I don’t work weekends, will it know to stop Americans contacting me on their Friday/my Saturday?


Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Your gig would then maybe be paused or there would be some notification that you are having weekend and that you should reply after the weekend (perhaps even more specific). The problem is that you would lose one business day if you would decide to enjoy a weekend.


How did I not see you can attach PDFs to gigs? That one was useful, thanks so much!


Leave it to New Zealand to ruin a great idea! I would love to have a two or three-day promised date, but it wouldn’t work for me because of weekends. I sell business-to-business cold calling, which can only be done M-F. Only counting business days would be fantastic, except for those crazies out east who insist on starting the work week 17 hours early.

Bob :slight_smile:


I think you have pretty much gotten the answers you need. It is only left for fiverr to decide whether to implement your second suggestion. Some people will find that very useful.