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Two weeks later and Fiverr still can't fix the glitch that keeps my money hostage


It’s been a while since I last lurked here. Tbh, Fiverr’s support team have been amazing the past couple of months, I’m not sure if they have a change in strategy or it’s a corporate thing but they’re usually quick to respond and solve any issues I have.

But of course, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have something to rant about, would I?

This time, it’s the jewel in Fiverr’s crown: the Milestone order. They’re a fantastic little tool for tackling larger projects while keeping up with deadlines. The problem is that a buyer can technically approve a completed milestone and move the order to the next stage without supplying information. Which is exactly what happened: my buyer approved the second milestone but didn’t provide me with instructions on what he wanted the second stage to include (the order was for 3 articles, each on a different topic).

I’ve sent messages. Deadline extension requests. Contacted via inbox and via the order. Radio silence. I reached out to Fiverr’s CS because the order’s clock was approaching the deadline - only CS can cancel a Milestone order.

They said there’s a glitch and they can’t technically cancel the order, so they’re involving the technical team. Five days passed - radio silence. I escalated the case by creating another ticket (after sending a couple of polite messages to the CS agent). I got a ‘sorry it’s taking so long, we’ll give you an update right away’.

Two weeks after I reported the issue, there’s nothing on their part. The order is now marked as Very Late with an intimidating red message on top of it. If the buyer decides to cancel now, I’ll get an automatic negative review even though I don’t have the information needed to even start working on the order! The funds that I made from the first Milestone are blocked because the order is neither completed, nor cancelled so essentially they’re in a limbo.

I mean, I’m not a software developer by any means but this is the site’s basic functionality. Cancelling an order with a feature that all of us must have used a million times by now shouldn’t be that difficult and take over 2 weeks, right?


Sorry you are caught in limbo on this. I dislike the idea of the milestones for this reason among others. Let them pay it all, before work starts. In your case if they want three orders let them pay for all of them before work begins along with instructions for all of them.

Once people place an order then it’s best to get it done fast as they lose interest and move on with other things in their lives, and don’t want to think about that order again usually. People have very limited attention spans when they place an order. This case of yours illustrates that.

You could write a generic piece and deliver it, with a message it can be revised later if the client wishes.