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.txt attachments? Spammers?

Hi there. I’m new on Fiverr waiting to get his first order. In the past month I received 2 messages from people who wanted to “work with me”. They send a.txt file and when I open it, it says “if you want to earn $100, contact me via sky”. A virus? Spam? Had someone else here go through the same? I would love to read you all

Hi there @nicozanetti1, yeah unfortunate happens to everybody. Seem scammers try to get free jobs done and attacking new sellers. Just reply to them and block them!!

Oh, and welcome!!! :rofl:

Warmly, Humberto



I already blocked them after seeing something was odd. Thank you so much for your advice! Someday I will get the first order in the way it should be

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These people are the stupidest kind of spammers. They try to get you to communicate off-Fiverr to negotiate rates lower than you offer on Fiverr, while putting your entire Fiverr account at risk.

Message back saying “your attachment has been reported.” Then cease all communication.

There is also the possibility of a virus being delivered to you this way. In this case, make sure to scan all attachments before opening on your PC.


Thanks for taking the time to response. I opened it on my cellphone using the Fiverr app. From now on I’ll be more conscious on that kind of conversation and opening that type of file, scanning it first. Thank you so much for your advice

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