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Types of Gigs & Variations

Hi Everyone,

I have been working on fiverr for some time now but one thing that frustrates me the most here is that I receive orders on only two or three gigs (out of 20). Even though they are made with the same amount of devotion.

I would like to ask how can we make our gigs better or how they can capture a larger market share.



You know, I was in the same boat as you at some stage and I will tell you what tweaks I made to achieve hits on all the gigs. But before that you have to keep in mind that there is a different market for every product/gig and the markets are different. For instance, the logo design market is huge and that’s because there is a bigger demand for logos, so any logo gig you have would perform better than the rest of the gigs, no matter what. The way that I achieved hits on the other gigs was to pause the logo gig and then Fiverr would promote your other gigs more. But as soon as I would unpause the logo gig that would become bestseller again because the bigger market share. Now, if you look at my profile, you will notice I have a fair bit of hits on all the gigs, but by far the logo one performs better and the rest only performed when the logo gig was paused.


Interesting. I have always thought pausing my best seller gig would result in loss.

It would be a loss, yes, but then the other gigs would perform better than they are now.

Gig is like a banner of what service you are offering
And gig number depends on your fiverr Level
And gig variation depends on the service category