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Typical Prices of a software/programming gig

Hi! I been a seller on Fiverr for atleast 2 months by now, and I had sold atleast 13 gigs by now I believe with 7 different customer (but I have 2 more on my order list). I have a slight problem, I’m unable to stand up and ask for a price that I think is worth my time/amount of work without fear of being turned down. I make games for other people, nothing big, just small javascript and java game and people’s homework. Some people push their project back so much and have alot of work to do, but I don’t know how to tell them that based on that much amount of work, I would want atleast 6-8 hours of payment, even if I was on minimum wage (so atleast 50 dollars). So while sometime I spent as much as 9-12 hours on one project, I charge them only like $35, and my typical sell prices is between $25 - $35. But of course, all of my customers are happy so far, I got 5 stars review everytime.

I wanted to ask what is the typical gig prices of a software gigs or coding gigs you guys do? Do people turn down offer when ti is like $70+ for a programming gig?

What you are experiencing is the world of business. YOu either charge what you are worth or you don’t. Being unable to stand up for yourself is a personal confidence issue. And in business you have to be willing to take the losses and just focus on getting the higher paying clients.

Many sellers will start by offering their services for way below their value of minimum wage just to get some orders and a few good ratings. Then they stop and don’t do small paying jobs like that any longer.

Also, in general you have to figure out if what you do even makes good business sense and can make a profit to begin with. YOu said that it’s nothing big, just some small favascript stuff, well, you have to figure out how to structure and offer a job so that it is valuable and worth that much.

The thing is, when people buy on Fiverr, they are not paying you per hour, that is something you need to do behind the scenes. They have no idea how many hours a job takes, that’s not how Fiverr prices things. It’s by the job. It’s up to you as a business person to make that work for yourself.

Having nothing to do with how many hours you work, what is the going rate for this fame java thing from other people or just regular freelancers on the internet?

this is useful topic, good question as a good answer as well, i ask my self that question too,
i am new seller in fiverr and i have same experience as @jackierchar;
Thanks to you both.

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