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Typical scammer messages (real example)

I decided to share some scammer messages here to increase awareness of new sellers. Maybe in future they will have no success in scams and will stop spamming our inboxes :wink:

Most important scammer warning flags :warning:

  • Offering “long-term business”
  • Link to external source with they offer details
  • Want to contact outside Fiverr
  • Weird nicknames
  • No reviews
  • Offer too much money for job
  • They are trusting you too much as a new seller (weird right?)
  • They contact you out from nothing (no gig related messages, no buyer request)


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Typical scammer messages (real example)

Thank you for sharing a valuable topic.


You have the scammer’s website URL there in that message so please cover that up or your message will probably be removed, thanks.

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Thank you so much for sharing with us!

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I have gotten 4-5 messages all from different people saying things like:
I considered them scam and used the scam option. I have responded to all messages that looked real. Now my response rating is at 50% and the only ones I haven’t responded to are scammers. That doesn’t seem right to lower our rates because we don’t answer scam messages.

Hi it’s not lowering our rates if scammer got banned, I think best way is to wait till he sends link to external source with contact.

So your suggestion is that I engage until the scammer sends a link?

What makes you think it’s a scam for someone to say hello?

It’s from foreign countries. They aren’t acting any further with job questions or job offers. What is the point of just a hello on a job network?

We all get people who only say hi or hello. Sometimes if you ask what they need you might find they want to order or have some questions you can answer.

And it’s normal to get questions or messages from countries besides the one you live in.

You’re entitled to your opinion. I see it as junk mail and am very aware that many from 3rd world countries will use any email method as a platform to ask for handouts—I’ve lived in 3rd world countries most of my life. I don’t think we should be dinged for not answering when our time is better used for jobs.

You are entitled to your opinion also but in my case I actually have many clients from third world countries, and sometimes those who start out saying hi have ordered from me. So it’s not really an opinion in my case, just what I’ve experienced over the years.

I found this map of least developed countries to be of interest. I have clients from a lot of these countries – I counted 11 countries on this map which orders have come from:

By Gabbe, by trivially changing a map originally by Canuckguy - Based on Image:BlankMap-World6, compact.svg with colour applied., Public Domain,

I have no problem with least developed countries and expect many jobs to come from there. But I’ve also experienced that the phishing rate is also very high from there and caution and prudence are wise.

Exactly I would recommend to engage with everyone that contacts you even if seems spammy, this will not only prevent you from lowering response rate but also you will not lose clients that you misperceived as spammy ones.

Lately i receive a lot of messages with just “Hi” then they reply with the same “Hi”. I mark them as Spam.

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I get those too. After the second hi they usually stop.