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Typing Service for you


I’m professional typist. I love typing. 100% accurate and error free work for you. plz visit my profile.

MS Word Typing Service


Please promote your gig(s) in the sub-category called “My Fiverr Gigs

Thank you.


Thanks for comment brother


I have moved your post to the proper category.


thanks bro. You can any suggestion for me.


N.B: Do not pay the price if your work is not correct.

I would recommend you remove this. The only way to give the buyer their money back is to cancel, and that affects your stats. Instead, offer to revise the document.

I see you offer unlimited revisions. Do not do that! Many buyers will take advantage of you and you could be revising for weeks. Their have been many sellers who have posted to the forum about such sad happenings.

I would offer a certain number of words per page. If a buyer chooses they could perhas pick a very small font and you would be typing double of what normally fits on a page. But maybe I do not understand what you are offering for sure. :thinking:


thank you so much bro. Please visit my gig URL. Click here: Typing Service