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Typo for 'illustrator'



Where, when, how?

Is this screenshot of your drawing in Paint?

Did you type this?

Please provide more detailed and clear information.

It is among the skills listed in Fiverr profile… he didn’t type it… it popped up among the result when he typed illustrator.


Sounds like a Prodigy song. Technically, you can report this to Customer Support. That is, if you’re bored or extremely offended.


:smiley: we still know what it is so let it be !

I know, but as someone who works in customer support, speed and efficiency is everything. Why do I have to read minds? Why could he not put some text and description, just a raw image? The amount of time wasted on these half-illiterate remarks is …


Maybe he will ask reward as that last guy.

sorry for not providing any additional info, i thought the ss and title was showing enough to describe the issue. Didnt realize the intricacies into fixing these issues

but yea it was in the profile tab and under the skills section, right before i made this post.

i typed the word ‘illust’ and one of the options was illustartor, and there was no illustrator. i searched up ‘illustartor’ on google but there wasnt any results relating to the word so i assume it is a typo
(this ss below was made before this reply)

as for why i posted here, i wasnt sure what category does a ‘typo’ falls under so i dont really know how to go on in ‘help and support’. so i ended up coming to this forum to post my issue

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Thanks. Will pass this along.


Are they still working on fiverr site? Like is the upgrading still going on?