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U.S. buyer using PayPal is being told her purchase is an "international transaction"

Has anyone had this happen?

The buyer wants to purchase a gig, but PayPal has indicated that ordering my gig (I’m based in U.S. too, but that shouldn’t matter) is an “international transaction” and there will be an “international transaction fee” on her credit card. Since Fiverr has a business address in the U.S. I can’t imagine why this should be…and I’ve never, ever had another buyer tell me they’ve gotten this sort of message. It makes no sense to me.

Anyone else heard about this from their buyers?

Flagged you again, Farrukh. Your behavior is juvenile.

(I wasn’t ‘talking’ to myself…was responding to a spammer. Now that his spam is gone looks like I’m just conversing with myself~!)