U.S. only Fiverrs


Is there a way to only filter gigs sold by only Fiverrs that live in the U.S.?


Why? were you given a bad product?


No its not possible .


Reply to @writer_cindy: He just contacted me recently about a gig. His gig request is US-specific.


Filtering results by language might help but it’ll probably be hit or miss.


There isn’t a filter and it wouldn’t help all that much anyway. The locations on profile pages aren’t necessarily accurate. You’ll just have to sort through as best as you can and then contact each potential seller for verification - as best as it may work. :slight_smile:


Try to type USA United state or US in search and try …It works to filter other countries for me hope it will help for you as well. It will result USA views like gigs as well but you will able to sort the sellers at least a little bit Give a try and check