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Ugh, Monday... Cheer up with an Apple style video for your business!



You’ve got the best niche I’ve seen in ages.

Don’t waste your time here posting in My Fiverr Gigs. You should be busy making Fiverr beg you to allow them to use you as a flagship Pro seller. In fact, if I was you, I’d make Fiverr make me Pro, whilst simultaneously creating a commercial which explains what Pro is which you and Fiverr could release to your mutual benefit.

You have the product, the look, the natural inspiring of confidence thing.

You make me feel unworthy to work here.

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Inb4 these guys charge $500 for a 30 seconds recording.

Exactly, they’re Pro’s already.

I saw one of your posts in this section a few days ago and I commend you. Very high-quality stuff. Run with the chance of becoming a Pro (as mentioned above) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments guys! We would love to be a Fiverr Pro seller, unfortunately, they don’t have the category open yet for us on Fiverr Pro. :confused:

Maybe think about offering a new service type?

This is one of those which only (so far) gets sales from Fiverr. You’ve got a far superior product. I’d get in touch with CS to ask what categories you need to list in to qualify for Pro. If there is a brain rattling round anywhere at HQ, you should get its attention.

P,S. If Fiverr sees your potential and you make shed loads of money, you’re flying me and my dog over so I can work for you. Or intern… Or just have around in case you ever need a rock solid alibi.

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