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Ugh, mutual cancellation shouldn't be included in completion percentage

This system sucks, I’m sorry, but I’m saying it. Whenever you have to cancel an order, it penalizes you by lowering your completion percentage. So, even if it’s the buyers fault, the seller is screwed over with a lowered completion percentage.

From now on, I’m going right to support whenever I have to cancel an order, I am no longer using this broken system to cancel orders, because whenever I have to do a mutual cancellation, it just hurts me. Even if the buyer decides to put in the cancellation. Mutual should mean it was agreed upon, and therefore it shouldn’t result in any lowering of the completion rate. I’d understand if it was an order I could do and I cancelled mid order, but no, a customer makes a mistake, orders and now I’m screwed because of it.

Fix your system fiverr, or make options where users aren’t penalized for something that’s not in their control.


I feel the same about cancellation before delivery. Like the old “I ordered by mistake.” It’s not fair that it affects the seller negatively. I had a cancellation yesterday because a buyer ordered my gig and asked for something that I specifically point out in my order page that I won’t do. When I pointed that out, he cancelled. And my stats went down :frowning:


Yeah, there should be a system that doesn’t penalize you for having to cancel. There should be options that make sure it doesn’t change your completion percentage. Or, it should only start to penalize you if you cancel many orders often. Penalizing someone for cancelling one or two orders here and there shouldn’t penalize them unless they waited too long to cancel. Maybe there should be a threshold for when you can cancel an order, maybe the first hour, or day, I don’t know.

It’s a broken system that simply does not work right. What if I got multiple orders at once, all from different people who didn’t follow the rules I had set? I would have to cancel them all and that will destroy my completion percentage for sure.

Who knows how long fiverr support will take to even cancel an order. They really need to consider hiring more staff to their support team, because it’s really needed at this point.

Every cancellation you do through resolution center would be Mutuall…because when buyer or seller wants to cancel another party need to accept it…there is no one sided cancellation in fiverr unless there is valid reason by any of the party !

When you contact CS with a valid reason they can help you in cancellation without doping your order completion rate!

When Buyer initiated cancellation seller sees 2 buttons to accept or not, if you accept thats mutual and this is the scenario where this affects, this system was implemented for this and its doing that, nothing wrong.

Here is where CS could help !

You’re not reading the post at all aren’t you? The thread starter said mutual cancellation shouldn’t punishable by dropping the order completion rate, due to BUYER’S FAULT. And this where the problem lies. We sellers have fought it for a long time and Fiverr never bother with this issue.

CS will take days to solve it, sometimes either buyer or seller requires immediate action, as buyer can get the refund immediately and search for other seller, and seller can focus on their other orders. This isn’t sustainable at all and it’s an annoyance to both parties.

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same with me - 2 direct orders came up beyond my expertise, and completion rate got BOOM !!
bad very bad,

I have previous contacted CS in situations very similar to this. CS will never guarantee that it won’t affect your completion rate stats. Luckily I do enough work that it will usually only drop it by 1%. But CS will never tell you that it won’t affect your stats.

Good question after my long reply…

what are the other cancellations available in resolution center?
Its Mutual when buyer says seller’s work quality is not what he asked and sends request, would any seller accept ? would say Yes My quality is bad lets mutually cancel that ?

Fiverr suggest to work that out mutually first, whatever the reason, If it stop droping OC rate there would be lots of mutual cancellation everyday , even on small mistake or even when seller wouldn’t be able to do job after starting order…I guess things would be messed up and there would be way more cancellation everyday , would that help gaining more reputation to platform ?

I know they dont guaranteed this, but they looks into matter and decides…
I have recently done this and they helped so I suggested…but stop doping order completion rate is more like “Remove your website feature” !

You’re missing point by point. Yes, Fiverr suggest we work it out, and yes we did in this example, buyer has wrongly placed an order. Mutual cancellation happened, buyer will get refunded and move on to other seller. But the seller? Boom, completion rate goes down. So what Fiverr is actually suggesting is “Hey, sorry the thing doesn’t goes the way you liked it, but let’s cancel this order so the buyer can still spent money on us, but hey, let’s lower your completion rate as well for something you don’t have full control. Sounds good?”

Just another mere assumptions. Normal sellers wouldn’t simply asking for cancellation as most of them need sales and reviews. But if cancellation is unavoidable, this will be totally unhelpful for them.

Another mere assumption. Unless you’re part of Fiverr team who really knows how the internal Fiverr system works, I will take your words as assumption. But, naah. These issue has becoming a controversial issue for a long time and the seller keep complaining about this the whole time since the the level ranking system was implemented. If you’re asking me, Fiverr reputation is all in lowest due to this cancellation system. Maybe improving the system may gain the reputation instead?

As I already said, CS would help in this case. Now, if you are saying CS takes days let them take…seller loose nothing but buyer has to wait to get his funds back AND he has to because he made a mistake !!

Who are they ?

If I go to vacation keep fiverr profile active all them time and buyer place right order, I will instantly cancel that mutually saying I am on vacation but My fiverr will remain Active all the time…lets just keep cancelling all the orders I get on vacation but I wont pause my fiverr because it takes long time to have orders when I come back , lets enjoy vacation foolling fiverr !

I think I don’t need to be in fiverr team to assume that ? its more like common sense…I have seen seller who even don’t wait to listen requirements and eager to start order with buyer…we call it mekesell here right ? Removing this system could defiantly encourage them and many more I bet !

Will defiantly gain more reputation by improving system…but this is totally different thing then what we are discussing here.

More cancellations lead to Extra time for productivity and more Buyers complaining about seller westing my time and cancelled order…I recently read buyer complaining about seller…seller said he cant do Job because his computer system cant handle load of his work…It was done after 10 days…and was mutuall I guess !

i hate that seriously

From now on, I’m going right to support whenever I have to cancel an order

I went to CS because the buyer wasn’t responding to my questions for days, asking for them to cancel it. They just told me to make a mutual canellation request.

Yeah, do a mutual cancellation and just update them in your original ticket that you don’t want it changing your completion rate. If it causes it to lower, they should put it back. After like 3-4 days they finally reverted my completion rate back.

This is so frustrating! I’ve had to cancel three orders this month because either the buyer just decided they didn’t want to go through with the order after placing it but before actually adding gig requirements (so the gig was in the “incomplete” phase) or because the buyer asked for something that isn’t even close to what I offer in my gigs (like asking me to keyword mine, when I clearly don’t do that and am not qualified to do it).

Why should I have to take a completion percentage hit and potentially lose my rank because buyers are goofing off? Should I refuse to cancel those orders and take the bad reviews instead? (Obviously not.)

This is why I made a note in my gig that all buyers must contact me before they submit an order. It helps a lot, because the majority of the time people do contact me. But, some do order without even reading. Some order because they think I know the subject.

If you have buyers who order, and ask for something not apart of your gig. The next step would be to contact support to ask them to cancel. You can do a mutual cancellation, and contact support to revert back to your original completion percentage. It’ll just take a few days with support being swamped. (they really need to hire more support reps)