Ugh! Suspended again for review


I have two gigs that get suspended for review every time I tweak them. Today however, I made the same tweaks and it was suspended for being in the wrong category. I had done my homework to see what categories other related or similar gigs are in and they are all in the same social marketing category. I don’t think they know what a virtual book tour is. It also takes forever for them to approve them. Previously, when I tried to add the word virtual to the gigs, I got an error message say the title was too long. Today, when I made the same change to one, there was no error message. Sigh. Plus, my gigs don’t show up on a search in the correct category.


That is so annoying!! When you just need one simple change and they have to approve it, take too long, then you come to see that it’s in the “wrong” category. You change it then something else is iffy about your title or stuff like that.


Hey, Fiverr’s just trying to make sure Fiverr is a great place!

Hang in there.


It was approved earlier today. Then, I made one more tweak and guess what? Yep. Both of them. It’s all good. I’m sure they’ll be approved by morning.


How do you find out whether a gig has been suspended? I have noticed in the past few days that traffic seems to be at a standstill to my gig and I have made a few changes in the past few days.


Reply to @philtabest: Go to “my Gigs” - suspended gigs won’t show up until you select “suspend” from the drop down.


Reply to @rachelbostwick: Thank you, that was really helpful! :slight_smile: I thought I’d seen it somewhere, but was trying to look for it when I saw this and couldn’t find it for the life of me.


Reply to @philtabest: No problem. When I first started I couldn’t find any of mine and thought I did something wrong, LOL :smiley:


I was incorrect. One now requires changes and the other was denied. The reasons given don’t apply. Yikes!