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Ugh. What's Your Best Fiverr Horror Story. And By Best I Mean Worst. [ARCHIVED]


What is your worst experience as a seller on Fiverr.

But that’s not all. After telling your horror story, how did you resolve it? And did you get a fairytale ending?


Well, I’m into Social Marketing, Facebook pages mainly. My spin on the gig? I can only do 1 order per page because I’m not smart enough to use ‘bot’ programs. LOL. But really. I have my network of friends that do it with me and that’s it. 1 order per page. No more, no less. Now, moving away from my shameless plug. LOL

Had an order. Filled it and then got a message. Basically, the buyer wanted more likes on his page. If I didn’t comply? Negative review and a thumbs down.

This guy even went so far as to send multiple messages to my network (On his Facebook page) telling them to give me the message.

So. I reported him and sent him a message through Fiverr that I couldn’t do that. I also explained that even if I wanted to do that I couldn’t because my network of people wasn’t big enough. He continued to threaten, he wanted more. And then even started giving me alternate links. I continued to deny.

So. He left negative feedback and a bad thumb.

I then contacted Fiverr again, gave them all the details and finally, the negative was removed. (Thank you Fiverr).
But I think the only reason they removed it was because I let them know before-hand what was going on, and I’m sure they probably checked my messages.

Now. I play this off in a few paragraphs, but it was a long, drawn out nightmare that I hated. And even though the negative was only there for 2 days I seen the decline in orders.

Now, in conclusion. If you’re a buyer… don’t be a A-Hole. It will always come back to haunt you in the end.

Oh. And the buyer didn’t get off scott free although he thought he did for a while I’m sure. The beauty of having a real network is they have an opinion… and can post it online. Let’s leave it at that.

So. You guys? What you got?


I have not had any really bad or horror stories, just some funky buyers who seemed a bit scattered (I can work with scattered)