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I’m pretty sure it’s not my internet connection with the problem… I can surf other sites real smoothly…

Sometimes when I refresh I can’t see my inbox and I was talking to a client about how we should go about his project. Then about 3 minutes later, it appears again. Then later on, I can’t see it again. ughhhhhhhhhhh. This just makes me angry and sad at the same time… =(( X(

And it was going to be a big sale!!! And he needed it in a few hours… ugh. :((

This is the first time I’ve encountered this so I’m just pretty bummed about it… :expressionless:

Same thing has happened to me, just when I was delivering an order! I got a pop up about delivering on mobile devices, then the site just died. Very frustrating!!!

I have the same problem even in the Dashboard!

You guys aren’t the only ones I can’t even log in on my phone now, or with the app, it worked before but now I get the error loading profile msg, seriously Fiverr, sort this out, it’s annoying :frowning:

Glad to know I’m not alone :frowning: I wonder what’s going on … @sue_mcl @armer @r3k0d3d :-<

It has come back now, thankfully! I was doing a big WTF lol

Gigs weren’t loading on my page or anyone’s and I couldn’t update my gig either. Fiverr must be having some issues right now.

Seems to be OK for now… how long will that last I wonder, the last week has been so frustrating, I wonder if they’re hacked half the time because usually sites will say they’re doing maintenance or doing random updates to the server or site but truth be told they’re really getting attacked, they usually don’t want to freak ppl and say anything but it does make you wonder? :confused:

Anyway on that note, I’m going to bed, have a good day/night where ever you maybe people, converse with you soon :slight_smile:

seems that things are better now. thanks guys lol