Uh-oh, fiverr Campaign did it again!


There’s a sh*t storm brewing over on twitter right now, when a user spotted a new poster from the “doers” campaign…

Here’s a link so you can see what people are posting about it:



More crap from a coked-up marketing exec. Next!

EDIT: “follow through” is nice though. As Urban Dictionary defined it, “when breaking violent wind allows a chocolate mini-egg to escape.”


Yes, it´s dangerous to use words like ‘deprivation’ in a sentence contaning drugs in mass marketing.


This isn’t a good ad, but some of the objections are also OTT. There are people moaning that Fiverr doesn’t provide “its” contractors with a break room, for instance, and someone else thinks Fiverr is horrible because it doesn’t give all of us medical benefits. That’s just silly.

So … yeah, bad ad, but also a bad case of unrealistic expectations on the part of many of the flamers.

Just in case, though – Fiverr staff, if you would like to come over and add a break room to my house, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:


I am loving the Twitter vitriol, btw.


Does fiverr sell those ad posters? I don´t care for not eating and I love naps, but I might want to buy the do now ask forgiveness later one to inspire me. On second thought though, I don´t need a poster for that, I´ll just, like, do.


Someone photoshopped it with a more, uh, honest version.



THAT’S BRILLIANT!!! :slight_smile:


He forgot to get videohive into that, that´s what happens if you sleep too much.


This is a horrible ad. All it succeeds in is people remembering it because of how bad and slightly disturbing it is.

All this ad does, is say to people who already use Fiverr to buy stuff that their sellers are drained insomniacs. It then says to people who don’t already use Fiverr, “hey, look how odd and dismal we are.” Lastly, it says to potential new freelancers, WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING REWARDING FOR YOU HERE - JOIN THAT OTHER PLATFORM OR DIE A SLOW AND AGONIZING DEATH.

Terrible from all levels and angles. How this could be taken from a concept to an actual printed and distributed poster is beyond me. Logically it signals poor marketing recruitment choices, piss poor project oversight, and diabolically budget management.

Short story: If ever you wanted proof that Fiverrs inside circles are a bunch of self-affirming millenial trendies completely out of touch with reality, this is it.


You Eat A Coffee For Lunch? What in the hell! -cringe- :worried:
The copywriter tanked with this line. :coffee:


Reminded of this:
Your :heart: is like my drug :syringe:


Blame these guys (warning, front page of this website may induce epileptic fit)


Interesting snippet from a PR about these guys:

“Fiverr has the potential to democratize entrepreneurship and change history, just as the Ford Model T democratized cars,” said Douglas Cameron, founder of DCX. “We’ve started using Fiverr ourselves to create animated videos and illustrated storyboards, so we have a firsthand understanding of how Fiverr can help small businesses become much more competitive. Our goal is to push Fiverr’s revolutionary business model by educating the entrepreneurial public on how they can use Fiverr to rapidly build their own businesses and thrive economically.”


Make of the highlighted section in relation to the “eat coffee”, “follow through”, general tone deafness and everything else that is wrong with ad what ye will.

EDIT: it’s worth nothing that the former head of marketing quit around this time, joined by another senior member of the marketing team. So who knows…


I’d like to order a gig or two from them, see what they are about.

(and what’s their turn around time)


Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.


It reminds me of this… https://www.instagram.com/p/BRbXM0WjVI5/

(not my account, obviously)


I think Fiverr should hire 9gag for their next campaign.


Given the parlous state of this case study, I’m inclined to agree:



Oh God, help us all.


What I would like to know is why DCX (The “Doug Cameron Experience”) only has one client on its books (or at least, only one they’re bragging about). The website is also largely incomplete. If you want to find out more about Doug Cameron’s “Cultural Strategy” (Shades of Mao, anyone?), the page doesn’t exist.

Can we all smell the stench of corruption and fish guts?