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"Uh Oh...We are having a problem processing this order"

Anyone else getting this? cant seem to buy any Gigs. I’ve contacted support, no reply as yet.

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This appears to be happening lately, and the bad part is that retrying to purchase will actually create more and more orders, forcing the sellers to cancel many of them to refund the buyers :frowning:

I’ve had a buyer place 4 orders because he kept retrying due to that error, and each time he retried a new order had already been placed - so obviously my cancellation rate increased :frowning: Then another buyer had the same problem, more cancellations, more time wasted both on the buying & selling side…

Unfortunately I don’t know why this happens, but it appears to be happening more often lately…

The only thing to do now is for you to wait for Customer Support to respond, but you need to have patience as they are likely receiving tons of tickets.

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I have had a few buyers say they couldn’t place an order so that might be it although they didn’t actually place an order as far as I could tell.