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Uh, yeah. So someone placed an order for something I don't do

I have a gig for delivering survey responses and they wanted me to send people to do reviews.

So I cancelled since this isn’t the service I offer. They didn’t cancel… and now my cancellation rate went up?

Not sure how to handle this sort of thing differently going forward…?

You can always appeal

Hello sir,

What do you mean by they didn’t cancel?

Did they simply reject your mutual cancellation request.

If they haven’t accepted your cancellation, it will be automatically cancelled in 2 days.

Mutual cancellations will not be shown in your Gig profiles.

Hope this helps.

All the very best.

they didn’t mutually cancel, but i think it just automatically cancelled after a few days

I’m glad to hear that there is an appeals process for cancellations. Maybe this isn’t the most effective place to vent this, but it seems that a seller should be able to initiate a cancellation (mutual or not), without it affecting their cancellation rate as they cannot control what a buyer ultimately requests… Thanks for the appeal tip, @eddiethornton !

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Reply to @kjblynx:

That makes sense as well–And that got me thinking…

If Fiverr made it a little clearer that sellers can appeal (like an “Appeal” button that appears after a cancellation hasn’t been mutually accepted), I think that would help balance it out. It’s just not intuitive for sellers to realize they have recourse, which I think is what gives some people the impression that Fiverr is one-sided.

Definitely get in touch with Customer Support if the cancellation is showing on your gig. I’ve contacted them in the past for things like this and they’ve always been really good about fixing it.

@elserides - I definitely think that’s a good idea. My experience with customer support as a seller, either for technical issues or problems with buyers, has actually been very positive. I think there is an atmosphere for sellers feeling bullied on the site into working for free etc. but actually if people realised that customer support can be very good maybe they’d feel more comfortable cancelling and things like that.