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Uhh...Fiverr ya'll might want to beef up your Trust & Safety department


I hope this is a joke. Definetly tops #1 of the creepiest messages I’ve ever gotten. creepydude


Might be another silly YT prank. :roll_eyes:


If it is then kids this generation are out of line smh


Yeah, if “review” and “rating” trigger an immediate warning - “killed” definitely should too.:eyes:


I almost hope this is another YT prank - imagine if it is real!!! That is so wrong :frowning:


ME: Can I practically explain it for you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, can you?

I’d have some fun with this. Say:

**"Certainly. She deflated suddenly when you accidentally stepped on her when the power was cut to your illegal trailer park home. **

She has now been successfully reincarnated and lives with a new desperate man called, Roy."



Believe it or not, even YT pranksters have better taste than this. This is downright psychotic.


Fixed it for you…


It’s some loser. Just ignore it and block him.


I’m not so sure. Serial killers feel the need to boast about what they do.

That said, I see this as a very positive thing. I’m pretty sure this guy is 40-ish, wearing a dirty grey work t-shirt (but unemployed), blue (dirty trousers), and is in some kind of prefab home or trailer, drinking some kind on nasty cheap beer. I also sense that the wife was a long-time live in gf with a name starting with A. - Probably a lot younger.

I won’t go into the grizzly part. However, if @psychicbunny is getting the same vibes, now she could go all Patricia Arquette in Medium and lead Fox News to the crime scene. - Which I think is in Wisconsin.

It could be Fiverr and gig marketing dynamite.


I could see myself on Fox! “Online Psychic discovers the Zodiac Killer through online website called Fiverr”
Free marketing, you’re welcome Fiverr


You could have a psychic gig Andy. But I think he wanted to be “entertained” by her discomfort. psychicbunny’s I mean. And knowing she has no choice but to answer.
I agree he wears dirty work clothes.


:smile: They really should


and… has greasy, mousy brown hair parted on one side.