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UI issue with Fiverr comments


I don’t know how about you, but I think there is some small issue with the User Interface Design in the comment section for a gig. About 20-30% of my gigs are finished without a comment, precisely, the buyer is leaving the comment in the message not in the comment section (with the stars). I have never been on the other side (buyer) so I’m not sure how does it look like, but I have asked my last client why he left the comment in the message and he said that this part of the process is very confusing and he was not sure what to do. I think Fiverr’s UI designers should take a look on this…


I totally agree that the review process should be as intuitive as possible. Fiverr makes that such an important component to the system, it should work correctly and be clear to users.

I also agree. As a new buyer, I didn’t realize or see this feature until after several orders.

I think @yelirm voice is very important here, as a buyer.

Yesterday I was speaking with another client and he said that generally all Fiverr user interface is not very clear. I think it’s mostly because Fiverr have mixed 2 functionality in 1: the same interface for buyers and sellers, everything is mixed, it’s too much. If someone wants to be a buyer only he/she really shouldn’t care about sellers options, it’s not necessary.

Ye i agree too… This system rating is way too bad…


I have 1400P - 3N and 600+ not rated… That 3N TOTTAL damage overall rating and 600+ are usless…

@Fiverr you really should change your UI and UX designer.

I totally agree with the opinions above cause as a buyer I had serious difficulties with finding the “comment bar” to leave my very positive comment which in my opinion seems crucial both to the individual seller and to buyers-to-be. Actually, it’s really inconvenient, especially for a new client to navigate the site as it is not intuitive, thus very unfriendly. The comment bar is at the very bottom of the acceptance page and I think hardly anyone explores the page in such a detailed way. People just accept the order and finish their business there. Probably that’s why buyers are not able to leave the comments even if they have good will to do so. It definitely should be improved as well as it ought to be separate interfaces for sellers and buyers. Though both the standard of sellers’ service and the price are tempting, the inconvenience of the page use may be discouraging for some clients.

Thank you gosiamak. This is exactly what I am talking about.

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OK, for anyone who needs this, here is a screenshot of a button to accept the order. I am sometimes sending this to clients who don’t know how to finalise the order.