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UI language selection

It’s really annoying that Fiverr now decides that I want to see everything in Dutch and that I have to change the setting in the footer of the page every frigging time. I don’t like UI’s that are not in English. Annoying!

Also the automated translation of the gigs that comes with it is wrong.

I agree with that. All my Gigs are in English for the good reason that my work is aimed at the English speaking crowd. I travel a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I speak the language of wherever I am. As you say mariokluser, it is poorly translated, and what’s even worse is that when I promote one of my Gigs, it finds itself half in the set language (English) and half in the language of the location where I am at that moment. Yes, very funny, but not productive.

I’ve noticed this in the past that the site would reset my gigs into uk english and what’s bad is that it made sales drop dramatically, as if it was only showing my gigs to other people who had their pages set to uk english. It’s been fixed for a while now though.

I hope they fix this very soon. It stays in English on Youtube if I don’t kill the cookies. It should be the same here.