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UK and US english search term words, be careful!

As the title said, your usage of words of the search terms of your gigs will impact your sales, especially the difference between the usage of US and UK English wording. This is what happened to me:

I have a gig which offered watercolour portrait drawing. As I’m more familiar with the UK English, I use “watercolour” as one of my search term. However, FIverr search algorithm didn’t consider “watercolour” to be associated with “watercolor” (US used watercolor instead) as one word. Thus, since Fiverr is heavily based on US market, my gigs didn’t appear on the “watercolor” search page but instead, only appeared on “watercolour” page. Even being said so, if you put “watercolour” as the search term, Fiverr will force auto-corrected it as “watercolor”, and thus my gig still wouldn’t appear.

I’ve just realised it recently, and I immediately change my search terms for my gigs to include both “watercolor” and “watercolour”. I hope I will help anyone who might having the same problem.

English is hard. :face_with_monocle:

If anyone can come out with list of words which might causing this kind of issue, please include them here so we can help other sellers (or maybe buyers). Of course, it’s only apply to words which relevant to Fiverr market.

  • watercolor (US) / watercolour (UK)
  • watercolor drawing (US) / watercolour drawing (UK)
  • center (US) / centre (UK)

When I search for “watercolour” Fiverr doesn’t automatically auto-correct it, and it shows gigs with “watercolour” in the title. This is with Chrome and Firefox.

It says “Results for “Watercolour” in all categories…144 services available”.


I put “watercolour potraits” and it auto-corrected for me. Maybe it’s just case by case basis.

Nevertheless, if you just use “watercolour”, your gigs will still not appear for the buyer who use “watercolor” search term. It’s still a very big disadvantage as the main demographic of the buyer is US-based.


I agree it’s worth putting them in search tags, though I’m not sure if it puts a lower weight to tags that don’t also appear in the title/gig description.

Other words are: color (US) / colour (UK)

Another issue is some buyers use the seller location filter for whatever reason (eg. time zones) and also if the US spelling was put everywhere you’d be competing with many other sellers, so it might be harder to be on one of the first few pages of results, and you’d be at a disadvantage timezone-wise for searches from the UK. Maybe adding both in the tags could be enough (though that does reduce the amount of usable tags).


great think and i agree it’s


Actually it does matter but most times it doesn’t matter. In fiverr there are only a few words are used that has a difference between US and UK English… :smiley:


In Canada we share a lot of U.K. spellings like colour and flavour.

But in the U.K. you also have different spelling for some things like paediatrics and encyclopaedia.

I am in Canada, have U.K. relatives and I’ve worked for quite a few U.S. clients, so being exposed to the differences helps me keep track.


Thank you, very informative post.

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very very informative:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Yeah that’s true. So far the only terms which is matter to me is watercolor/watercolour as my gigs is directly affected by it. Couldn’t think other words which are relevant to this situation.

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For some people,
might pose the same pitfall.


Yeah might be. But I don’t have any idea how many peoples use these words in fiverr… :slight_smile:

Well, OP asked us to add more words like that, and these are common in my niche, and I do use them, so I did add them. People know themselves which ones are of interest for them, I hope :slight_smile:

Very commonly used in editing text, translation and SEO services


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