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UK Meetup suggestion

Hey there Fiverr people!

I’m flying out to London on business early November and thought I should ask if any sellers would be interested in having a drink or two, get to know each other?

Maybe we can arrange for a workshop or something if there’s a decent level of attendance?

This is just a thought. Feel free to chime in!

Frank D.

Don’t think you’ll have much luck here tbh. You can refer to the failing (last time I checked) Miami meet, for example.

Yeah I didn’t get my hopes up. @emmaki

Here’s a fun idea though: are you situated in Athens by any chance?

Can you see where I’m going with this? :slight_smile:

A little further south in Crete! Athens is a great city which won’t ruin your budget like London will either. Plus, ancient stuff.

Crete?! Wow I never would have guessed.

I was there in June, loved it!

Next time I decide to visit Crete I’ll ping you and maybe you could hook me up with some tsikoudia

I look forward to a Bangalore meet with me and a couple of others sipping coffee in embarrassed silence.