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UK nail-biter (May to lose this June?)


Damn…it’s really very close in the UK general elections.


I wish I could vote :slight_smile:


Don´t be too nervous @writer99025 , LOL


LOL…yeah, but I think Labour+SNP+LD coalition will come to power, looking at the current trends.


I´m neither conservative or liberal. I am neutral. I judge things case by case. That´s why sometimes I don´t know who to defend :slight_smile: Because to me, it´s not about who to defend, but what is right to defend.

In my ideal world, we would live side by side peacefully without hurting each other nor imposing things on each other. Everyone minds their own business and respects each other.

NB: Anyway never mind. I am no match when it comes to topic about politics. Em would be your perfect match, you are both as strong and have way more knowledge than I do. Me thinks. :slight_smile:


So, if Tories win 8 of the remaining 16 seats, they form the government with DUP. If not, it is a Labour coalition. As simple as that.


Errr I dunno what to say. Can we talk about politics at all in this forum? I don´t want to get banned :joy:


June is the end of May…


So I found this Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

Looks like this topic is okay as long as no hate speech and no name calling.

Edited: I still dunno what to say. I don´t really read or watch about politics. Most of the things that I read or watch is about dogs or food recipes. :joy:


Clever play in words. I like it. – (non-political comment)


@jonbaas You would choose captain Kirk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edited: This one is your favorite, no?


I’m not sure I follow. What are you suggesting I would choose Captain Kirk for? :confused:


Captain Kirk isn’t my favorite Star Trek character. But I am a fan, yes. :slight_smile:


@jonbaas LOL. I think I have a bad memory. But when there was a topic about USA election long time ago, you said you would choose for captain Kirk, or did you mention another captain? :slight_smile:

Never mind :grin:


Ah, yes, I do remember saying this many months ago.

Captain Kirk was running in the USA elections, though – since he is from Iowa. He wouldn’t be eligible to run for public office in Great Britain (since he isn’t a citizen of the UK). :wink:


@jonbaas Hehehe, I thought you are a big fan of him :slight_smile:

Err, yes I know he can´t run in the UK election.

Edited: So, I thought when you were saying you would choose captain Kirk for the USA election, you were only saying that for joking purpose. And I didn´t know he was really running in the US election a while back. That´s why I said that you would choose captain Kirk too this time in the UK election.


More accurately, I am a BIG fan of Star Trek, in general. :wink:

FYI: Yes, I was joking. Captain Kirk hasn’t been born yet. He couldn’t, therefore, run for election in the 2016 USA Presidential election.


You heard it here first - Boris Johnson to be the next PM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only Boris I know is Boris Becker (not that I play tennis). :slight_smile:


Writer - please don’t even joke about the possibility - you write about Britain and our politics, but we’re the poor so-and-sos who have to live here and put up with their mammoth stupidity! :slight_smile: