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Ukulele Happy Whistling!


Looking to extend the library of music I can/could use in videos and


Now, “Positive Happy 4”, what do you have to offer? sigh
/random rant

Uhm, discuss: what are the inevitable pet peeves in your line of work?


Excel on a Mac. 'Nuff said.


That’s the spirit!

Cryptic grievances no one outside of your trade understands :smiley:

(I have no experience with either, what’s the problem with Excel on Mac? Lack of mouse buttons?)


Lack of functionality and a tendency to crash. (apple just forgot to to implement some of the functions bizarrely). And there are a lot of Mac users (buyers) who expect it to work the same. It would make my life a lot easier if it worked the same.


omgggg i feel you on this. positive happy music that buyers like, to me, sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
that aside, pet peeve is people who ask for discounts if their word count is slightly over the multiple. for example, my base price includes up to 75 words, they have a 90 word script, and are like come on, just includeeee it for meee.


for you : )
i present the king of royalty free/ukulele/glockenspiel masterpieces!


When I first set up shop here, it took me a while to draw the mental Venn diagram of a) what are my skills that b) I’d like to offer for c) an alright $/hour. It was during that research that I was introduced to the hell that is Music To Sell Stuff With. It’s not that all of it is bad but the offensively non-offensiveness (and repetition) of it all grates on my nerves big time.

And yes, Kevin MacLeod :slight_smile: I respect the guy but here’s the top comment to the video you’ve linked: “This is the musical equivalent of comic sans.” - nailed it.


Oh, that music.

Plinky plonky whiteboard music, I call it. It’s just as well most whiteboard videos can be watched (if one really wants to watch a crappy, half-arsed whiteboard video that has been thrown together in 5 minutes and shows it) on mute.


I fall asleep at night listening to my stock music playlist. It mostly consists of pan flute music tho…:smirk: