Ultimate Buyer Fails - Why Cheap & Quick Can Be Deadly


Well, they say that revenge is best served cold and with this being the case, right now I’m indulging in the most sublime banana daiquiri.

I had a buyer. What is more, the buyer wasn’t a bad buyer. They were just one of those who… Well, things start getting a wee bit awkward with.

They wanted 10 articles a day and wanted them at half price. I said no, I can do 2, but then they sneakily got me writing double my usual word count on each anyway.

That said, I did like the theme of the content which I was writing and, with this being the case, I didn’t mind delivering extra top quality plus some free SEO advice. Even better, my articles started getting retweeted by a top (if not the top) celebrity influencer in my client’s niche.

But then came my abandonment…

Already struggling to keep up with the workload which they were presenting me with, I at first welcomed it when their orders stopped coming. Then, however, it became apparent as I kept abreast of the site news feed in question, that the site admins had taken my article structures and SEO advice, and were getting other writers to try and write and name drop key influencers the way I used to, in order to get the same results for less.

Needless to say. I felt hurt.

The thing is, though, you can’t take one of the articles which I was writing for this buyer and ask someone else to respin it a thousand times with new info without running into problems. What is more, those problems came to full fruition today.

Just 24-hours after my old buyer’s site announced record-breaking views and started pitching for advertisers, they were called out by none other than the top influencer whom I had garnered the attention of for them in the first place, namely for publishing erroneous/completely made up headlines which they were the apparent source of.

Imagine my glee. For them from a PR perspective, today’s events are equivocal to McDonald’s being outed for using people meat in their veggie burgers.

Of course, I won’t relish in my accidental revenge too much. If you are a buyer though, maybe think twice in future before always trying to get more for less. - In the long-term, it’s literally just career cannibalism.


Ooops, they did not see that one coming did they?

Truly, they got what they paid for :smiley:

A treat for @cyaxrex for his revenge celebration!

:rofl: :kissing_heart:


Thank you, Vicky. I’m afraid, however, that I don’t like the look of that strawberry trying to edge in on the banana daiquiri’s parade. Strawberry’s are always doing that, waltzing around pretending that they belong in everything. It’s not right. They don’t.


Sorry about that. :strawberry: :banana: :strawberry:


You’re forgiven. Just please try to be more strawberry aware next time.


I am going out to get the ingredients for a banana daiquiri. Revenge can be sweet.


Ah, why do people mess with a winning formula?

Glad sanity prevailed.


Wishing I had some glasses like those for my daiquiri. I’m going to hunt for them on ebay. I remember you like blue glassware:


I like Blue Aunt Polly Depression Glass. this is a sherbert, but a daiquiri would fit in there nicely.



Beautiful. I’m happily browsing the glassware on ebay.


Pinned for being one of those stories that should really tell buyers to be happy when they get something great and not race to the bottom to save a few dollars.


I have a buyer right now who expects the world for $5. And I’m waiting on her to confirm what I told her.

edit: she just cancelled based on me telling her she can’t get the world.


I love a nice juicy revenge story. The universe always has a way of correcting itself.