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Ultimate guide hiring a skilled wordpress developer


You probably already know that choosing the wrong developer may cost you thousands of dollars and waste lots of time. There are literally thousands of WordPress developer in Fiverr. So finding a skilled and professional developer can be a hard and time-consuming task.

Today in this post I am going to show you how you can hire a professional and skilled WordPress developer in a short time.

Let’s drive-in

1. Search with the targeted keyword

To find the service you want, put the right keyword in the Fiverr search bar. It will search for the targeted gigs. For example, I am using “Multi vendor marketplace” as the Keyword.

Now check out the result and scroll down, you will see the gig’s related to your search. But at this point, you will not able to find the most popular gigs because this search is a combination of new, most reviewed and unreviewed gig.

2. Sort by "Best selling"

To discover the best selling gig scroll up to the page and sort by the search “Best selling"

This search will make your work easier, you will see fewer pages and much best selling gigs. But you will still see there is lot’s of new gigs on the pages so you have to check all the pages carefully to find out the best selling gigs.

3. Find gigs those have most 5 star reviews

For example, I searched with the keyword “multi vendor marketplace” and the result shows me 4 pages. each page contains 48 gigs. and there were only 4 gigs that have 25+ 5-star feedback at the 1st page. Similar things happened with all pages.

I discover the best selling gig for my search at the bottom of the last page (4th page).

If we analyze this developer “imrul334” he has a total of 585 reviews and the average rating is 4.9. Which is quite impressive.

Let’s check out his web development gig “Develop Wordpress Woocommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace” At first we can see a perfectly scripted animated gig video

This gig is pretty much popular for developing marketplace like Amazon eBay and got a total of 31 five star feedback and he has 5 orders in the queue. So we can consider this gig one of the best gigs on its category

4. Require effective communication skill

Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill. A good developer will not only be able to code well but should also be able to communicate to a non-techie person. So before hiring a developer, discuss your project in details and check if he/she is enough communicative.

For example, we can see the feedback of Imrul334

5. Write down the project brief in MS Word

Create a detailed project brief. It will help your developer to complete the task exactly as you want. If the developer oversight something you will be able to ask for the revision. Here I listed some most important topic you should discuss with the developer before starting the project

  • Discussing the complete project requirements
  • Highlighting the required features and project idea
  • Design guideline
  • Confirm if there will be any type of limitations
  • Cost of the development
  • If any third-party subscription needed ( i.e. paid plugins )
  • Expected delivery time

Here you have it. My ultimate guide for hiring the best WordPress developer. I wrote this post from my 4 years of Fiverr experience. Hope these guides will also help you to have the best Fiverr experience.

Fiverr is a wonderful marketplace let’s keep it spam-free.


Thank you for sharing the tips.

You are welcome. It’s my pleasure to share my knowledge with the community

Well it’s kind of more self promoting article than actual help, but smart :blush:

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Thank you. My gig is best selling gig in my working category so I used it as an example.