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ULTIMATE GUIDE: How To Create Good Gig Photos


It’s been said many times that having good photos for your gigs is what might be one of the things that will make potential clients think about purchasing your gig. Obviously, I don’t advise people to go ahead and steal other people’s photos, but how to create an interesting design if you don’t know to work with any software.

  1. If you want to spend for your gig photo, you can always do a search and there are tons of great sellers that actually offer GREAT gig photos. I can’t find the link, but there is a top rated seller that actually only provides tips on improving your Fiverr profile.

  2. You can go to Canva.
    Choose custom size. Enter 550 Pixels by 370. Pick the fonts that you like, you can use a lot of free fonts, icons, illustrations in order to come up with something. It is pretty easy to work in Canva so you don’t need to be an expert for design. You just need to know what look good for the eye.

Some tips from me:
Keep the design simple, use as little text as possible, just your headline. Use icons/photos that represent your gig. Definitely, pick fonts which aren’t the “Comic Sans” or “Impact”.

You can share your creations here so I can give you some feedback.


Thanks for sharing with community…


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Very nice post. As per my knowledge the gig image size is 680px width X 462px Height for the better quality image to show on gig portfolio.


I didn’t know. I always use 550x370.

Next time when I update my photos I will definitely try that size.


And Also Dont forget to another tips


Very nice Tips you shared, I am also using 550 X 370. I will try the other size next time


Thanks for sharing. It was really helpful.


Thanks for your tips. I prefer powerpoint to make gig photos and it seems to me quite easy to work with it.


thanks for sharing such a useful information


Also you can edit your photo details, tags, categories with your gig credential so that it can be seo compatible which is good for search engine.


Your advice is really helpful. The gig images do mean alot.


Thanks For Shearing Your Great Tips