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Ultimate Guide to success your freelancing career

Hello Readers,
Here I am presenting the ultimate guide to become a professional freelancer from bottom to top. In this article, I am describing some tips that started from a newbie.
Let’s get started
1) Start from Basic:-
–> If you joined Fiverr newly as a seller then you must sell some skills and expertise. But how you’ll let the buyers know that you are a potential seller.
–> The solution is, Be basic, means sell some extra or cheaper but quality services to get additional attention. Do not undervalue your GIG but make it more reasonable.
This step will grab customers to your page.
2) Add an Illustrative video in GIG:-
–> As a brief research, Adding a video grabs 200% more attention than normal.
But be attentive if you are adding a video. If the video has some annoying sounds then it will be frustrating for the buyer. And if your first impression will be bad. So add an illustrated and good described video with less than 2 minutes length.
3) Make sure that delivery time of GIG make sense:-
–> Make sure that your gig has reasonable and adaptable delivery time. That satisfies the customer and give you sufficient time to make service best.
4) Mater GIG SEO:-
–> To master the SEO, see the article by Fiverr community Master SEO. (Because it’s also a whole topic)
5) Make a stunning profile:-
–> Make your personal brand profile stunning that grabs extra customers to the GIGs. Add relevant skills and be focused on the gig making skills. Make sure that you are adding the skills related to the GIGs.
6) Get the Application of iOS or Android:-
–> To make your selling page more responsible + Quickly accessible, install the Android or iOS application.
7) Learn skills from the Learn:-
–> If you are a learner then learning skills from the Learn platform help you to improve the GIG. It gives you an additional badge to your profile and attracts customers. It also gives some authentication to the buyer.

These are some tips to increase your profile value and GIG value. Leave a like and comment.